Marine Risks or Marine coverage from Lloyds of London can be offered on an insurance policy or re-insurance basis and wholesale to the general public. We can tailor several extensive coverage solutions which include marine cargo cover for export and import, as well as transit coverage, warehousing coverage, total loss coverage, blow out coverage, theft coverage and several other forms of coverage which can be explained by one of our licensed financial advisors.


We offer a full range of personal and commercial lines including motor, household content, buildings / structural, fire, theft, catastrophe coverage, liabilities and medical assistance. In addition to insurance lines bought by our clients, we also offer additional re-insurance coverage which can be tailored to assist or extend the limit of liability. These areas of coverage can be tailored to each individual client's requirement and is available upon consultation with one of our licensed financial advisors.


We issue guarantees to qualifying applicants through our partnerships with leading financial institutions. Guarantees are only applicable as follows: Construction Guarantees, Performance Guarantees, Advance Payment Guarantees, Mining Guarantees, Credit Guarantees and several other forms of guarantees. Guarantees can be applied for various types of projects. To learn more about our guarantees, please contact one of our licensed financial advisors.


Export and import lines are insurance lines or re-insurance lines that can be offered to extend the type of cover associated with the product, material and/or items that are covered under commercial coverage. It also includes additional coverage which is not standard in commercial export coverages, such as top up coverage, credit risk coverage, total loss coverage, third party liability coverage and defective coverage.